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Imperial CBD Extraction is located at 520 West Aten Road in Imperial, California and is surrounded by an agricultural oasis of 500,000 acres of fully irrigated farmland. The facility is easily accessible for inbound and outbound trucks and is positioned with available adjacent space to grow in the future.

The Facility

Imperial CBD Extraction is a custom built 5,000 sq. ft. facility designed to meet the needs of the hemp industry. With agile production practices Imperial CBD Extraction is ideal for both farmers looking to sell biomass as well as manufactures looking for premium distillate and isolate to meet their fulfillment product needs.  

Meet Our Executive Team

Andrew & John Currier- Owners and Presidents

Todd Bean- Vice President of Sales

Landon Currier- Global Sales Manager

Conrad Faubion- Production Manager 

Hunter Jones- Principal Scientist 



Vertically integrated agribusiness

Grow - Process - Formulate - Sell 

Transparency from seed to final sale

Efficient & Economical methods for extraction

Diverse formulations & white label options