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We are thoroughly impressed by the quality of their work, equipment, and care they put into CBD extraction. To get the final product, each batch is craft produced and verified in-house with high performance liquid chromatography as well as a third party to check the make-up and purity of their products as well as identifying contaminants. In all, we appreciate all of the hard work that goes into producing CBD!

CBD Production Facility Testimonials

Christine Chiu, PharmD

Tru Leaf Labs

Imperial Extraction has been great to work with. Trustworth and knowledgeable. I'm always impressed with how clean the facility is when working with material that is both dusty and sticky. Very transparent about the product they sell. Thanks guys!

CBD Production Facility Testimonials

Daniel Righi

Phoenix Distributors LLC

Imperial CBD Extracton provides us with exceptional quality broad spectrum distillates. THC remediation in their products is top notch and is essential to our cannabis business. We really appreciate their flexibility and willingness to help, keep it up!

CBD Production Facility Testimonials

Botanical Forge LLC

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