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Voted #1 GMP Certified Manufacturing, Award-Winning Distillate and Isolate


Leading Vertically Integrated CBD Agribusiness

Imperial CBD Extraction is the first fully licensed, GMP-certified hemp processor in California. We are a CBD distillate, CBG distillate, isolate, and broad-spectrum distillate manufacturer. Imperial CBD Extraction specializes in processing hemp biomass to sweet crude, distillate, and isolate as well as remediation of THC, pesticides, and heavy metals. We are the leading cannabis extraction company in California, providing premiere hemp extraction services to farmers, resellers, and customers. Imperial CBD Extraction also does formulations, white label, branding, and sales of end products.

Investment Opportunities

Complete Hemp Processing

Fulfillment Partnerships

CBD Extraction & Products

Procuring Futures

White-Label Opportunity

First and only GMP Certified CBD Extraction Facility in the Imperial Valley.

We provide a full spectrum of hemp milling, processing, and extraction

Biomass drying & milling (pre-processing)

Biomass to winterized crude

Biomass to full spectrum distillate

Biomass to CBD isolate

Formulations & White label


Generation Farmer Owned


years in Imperial Valley, CA


Imperial Valley CBD extraction lab


Acres of Hemp Grown in Area

We are thoroughly impressed by the quality of their work, equipment, and care they put into CBD extraction. To get the final product, each batch is craft produced and verified in-house with high performance liquid chromatography as well as a third party to check the make-up and purity of their products as well as identifying contaminants. In all, we appreciate all of the hard work that goes into producing CBD!

Christine Chiu, PharmD

Tru Leaf Labs

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Our doctors include highly qualified male and female practitioners who come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of skills.

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