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Hemp Pre Processing Services


How We Do Pre-Processing

At our Hemp Extraction Company, we pride ourselves on working with farmers all across the country to process their hemp biomass and turn it into a sellable product. As we always say, “Our Farmer First Mentality” is what separates us from other processing facilities around the country. Our team has developed industry-leading procedures to ensure that we are following federal and state regulations when it comes to sourcing USA grown hemp. In order to process hemp at our facility there needs to be Pre Processing that will be done after harvest, before extraction takes place.

The ideal state of biomass for our extraction is milled, 12% or less moisture biomass. We encourage farmers to complete this step themselves prior to sending their biomass to our facility to cut down on cost, however, we do offer drying and milling services upon request. We are more than happy to help farmers any way we can! Like we always say “We are Farmer’s First”. As your trusted CBD White Label partner, we adapt and strive to meet your needs and are eagerly ready to work with CBD companies to produce quality products that will satisfy you and your customer’s needs.

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