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Can I Extract My Own CBD Oil? - Imperial CBD Extraction

Updated: May 30, 2023


It is possible to extract CBD oil from hemp plants at home, but it requires specialized equipment and can be potentially dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken.

CBD oil is becoming more popular because it has a lot of health benefits, and we sell a few different kinds of CBD oil. But we think a few of our clients might want to make their own CBD oil. Using coconut oil as an extraction medium is a simple way to make your own CBD oil in the kitchen. If you want to know how to make CBD oil at home, you'll be happy to hear that it's a lot easier than you think. Don't forget that. It won't be as good or retain as many plant compounds as when a seasoned company like Imperial CBD Extraction does it.

Why extract CBD oil on your own?

Extracting CBD oil on your own can be more cost-effective than buying pre-made oil, especially if you have access to cannabis or hemp plants. Also, when you make your own CBD oil, you have more control over the quality of the final product because you can choose the method of extraction and the carrier oil. But it's important to know that it may take some trial and error to find the right way to extract the oil and figure out how much to use.

Methods of CBD extraction

There are different ways to get CBD out of the cannabis plant, and each way has its own pros and cons. CO2 extraction is one of the most common methods for CBD extraction because it works well and makes good oil. But you need specialized tools, and they can be expensive. Ethanol extraction is another common method. It's cheaper than CO2 extraction, but it can make oil that isn't as good. Olive oil extraction is a simple process that can be done at home. However, it makes oil that is less concentrated and lasts less long.

Steps for extracting CBD oil at home

The exact steps for extracting CBD oil at home will depend on the method you choose. Here is a general overview of the steps for olive oil extraction:

  1. Make small pieces of the plant material.

  2. Heat the plant parts and carrier oil (olive oil) for several hours in a double boiler or slow cooker.

  3. Strain the mixture through a strainer or cheesecloth.

  4. Make your CBD oil in a kitchen with good airflow. Even though you won't die if you don't, cannabis smells very bad when it's baked. Keep your windows as open as possible until the smell disappears.

  5. To hide the taste, add some flavoring extracts or mix the oil with a smoothie.

  6. Keep the oil in a cold, dark location in a glass bottle or jar.

Safety Considerations

If you don't do it right, trying to get CBD oil on your own can be dangerous. When using solvents like ethanol, it's important to use them in a well-ventilated area and follow safety rules to avoid a fire or explosion. Also, it's important to test the finished product to make sure it is safe to eat and free of any harmful substances.


Even though you can make CBD oil on your own, you need special tools and knowledge to do so. If you want to try CBD oil, it might be best to buy it already made from a reputable company to make sure it is safe and of good quality. But making CBD oil at home can be cheaper and more rewarding if you know how to do DIY projects and have the right tools.

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