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Imperial CBD Extraction is a GMP certified cryo-ethanol CBD extraction facility located in Imperial, California. Our facility is the 1st fully licensed seed to shelf CBD extraction facility in Southern California. We are strategically positioned to serve the growing local Imperial Valley hemp farming community as well as non-local hemp farmers. The main goal of our facility is to assist and educate local farmers in the Imperial Valley in the process of growing and extracting the industrial hemp plant.

  • FDA Approved Registered Facility
  • Selling Bulk Isolate & Distillate
  • Built By Farmers For Farmers
  • Vertically Integrated Solutions
  • Premier California CBD Extractors
  • GMP Certified Extraction Facility
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We’re the Leading Seed to Shelf Cannabis
Extractors in California.

We provide efficient and economical methods for CBD extraction!

  • Agile Production Practices
  • 99% Pure Isolates & Distillates
  • Industry’s Lowest Pricing
  • 5,000 Sq. Ft. Extraction Facility
CBD Processing Services

Imperial CBD Extraction offers the best processing and distillate prices.

Imperial CBD Extraction is a cryo-ethanol CBD extraction facility in Imperial, California. The facility is the first CBD extraction facility in Imperial County.

The facility is strategically positioned to serve the growing local hemp farming community as well as non-local hemp growers. Imperial CBD Extraction will utilize cryo ethanol due to its proven ability to be efficient, safe, and economically sound.

Cyro-ethanol closed loop extraction is a method of drawing out essential cannabinoids by spraying hemp biomass (ground flower and trim) with subzero ethanol.

After several recirculations over the material, negative pressures transfer the resulting solution to a collection chamber where additional impurities are removed by micron circulation. This super cold, low pressure means of extraction allows biomass to be processed into a clean desirable distillate product.

A key service of Imperial CBD Extraction will be remediation. Remediation is used to remove THC levels as well as metals or toxins found in the biomass during extraction. Remediation of THC will be accomplished using flash chromatography.
Todd Bean
Todd Bean
Vice President of Sales
Conrad Faubion Conrad Faubion
Conrad Faubion
Production Manager
Landon Currier
Landon Currier
Procurement & Sales
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones
Compliance & Remediation